Tube Expansion

Whether for a heat exchanger or a boiler, TubeSolveTM has the expertise and hydraulic expansion technology to set, pre-expand, soft roll or fully expand tubes.   TubeSolve employs its hydraulic expansion technology in both manufacturing and field repair or refurbishment environments.

Hydraulic Expansion is the ASME preferred expansion method post strength welding.  Hydraulic expansion has several notable advantages over mechanical expansion which leads to longer tube life. The four main benefits of hydraulic expansion are:

  • Less wall reduction and less stress concentration from the expanded to the unexpanded portion of the tube results in longer tube life.
  • Minimal work hardening of the tube material during expansion means that even difficult tube materials such as titanium or superduplex stainless can be easily expanded successfully.



  • Improved quality – each tube expansion is controlled by the system parameters and not influenced by the operator.
  • No step expanding – Any thickness of tubesheet can be expanded in one quick operation, thus improving productivity.

Tube Setting or Pre-Expansion in both boilers and heat exchangers is achieved using hydraulically powered tooling.

In boilers, TubeSolve’s Hydraulic Soft Rolling Tube Setting system eliminates the need to block, set stock and peen generating bank boiler tubes prior to hard rolling. The BoilerPro equipment sets, expands and flares boiler tubes in one fast operation.

On a typical generating bank rebuild, TubeSolve’s Hydraulic Soft Rolling Tube Setting systems can dramatically improve productivity and shorten the re-tubing schedule.

TubeSolve’s Hydraulic Soft Rolling Tube Setting technology saves time and manpower and results in simple, dependably consistent, accurate, and reliable tube tacking during stabbing of new tubes into the drums and tube sheets.

For heat exchangers TubeSolve employs HydroPro’s TubePro and Weldlock equipement which provides a reliable method of hydraulically pre-setting tubes into tubesheets prior to welding or full hydraulic or mechanical expansion. WeldLock is specially designed to set tubes in place before welding, allowing welding-generated gases to escape, thus contributing to a higher quality joint.